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My name is Brian Hamilton and I am a Digital Artist! Photos, videos, animations… I do them. And this is a documentation of my experiences.


Bearded Bros Lighting Setup!

A lot of people have been asking me about my light set ups, so I guess this is the time that I spill the beans. One of my more elaborate photo shoots was a set called "Bearded Bros" this was a hair photo shoot for a submission to the Naha's (I won a mirror award for this video) 

All of the models weren't actually models, they were a collection of a few of my friends, who happened to have beards. I wanted to make these dudes look epic, and the best way I could figure out to do that was to use a lot of lights, four to be exact. So... On a black background, my key light was a Profoto b1 with a 22 inch Beauty dish. For my backlighting, I have two Bowens 250 WS heads with a strip box and grid. And now for the fun part... Behind the subject pointed straight up is an EX 600 rt with a blue gel on it and my assistant with a spray bottle waiting for my count down. 3.. 2... 1... When the water is sprayed in the air, I pull the trigger and the light illuminates the water. Magic! 

This was one of my favourite shoots in a studio because I was surrounded with so many good friends, I love making my friends look bad ass!