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My name is Brian Hamilton and I am a Digital Artist! Photos, videos, animations… I do them. And this is a documentation of my experiences.


Bearded Bros Lighting Setup!

A lot of people have been asking me about my light set ups, so I guess this is the time that I spill the beans. One of my more elaborate photo shoots was a set called "Bearded Bros" this was a hair photo shoot for a submission to the Naha's (I won a mirror award for this video) 

All of the models weren't actually models, they were a collection of a few of my friends, who happened to have beards. I wanted to make these dudes look epic, and the best way I could figure out to do that was to use a lot of lights, four to be exact. So... On a black background, my key light was a Profoto b1 with a 22 inch Beauty dish. For my backlighting, I have two Bowens 250 WS heads with a strip box and grid. And now for the fun part... Behind the subject pointed straight up is an EX 600 rt with a blue gel on it and my assistant with a spray bottle waiting for my count down. 3.. 2... 1... When the water is sprayed in the air, I pull the trigger and the light illuminates the water. Magic! 

This was one of my favourite shoots in a studio because I was surrounded with so many good friends, I love making my friends look bad ass! 

Photo Shoot with Travis and Memphis Cadeau

Travis and Memphis Cadeau and their 1948 Oldsmobile Fastback

On pretty much the perfect day for a photo shoot, Travis and Memphis Cadeau (owners of Grim City Tattoo Club www.grimcitytattooclub.com) were in some heavy traffic in their 1948 Oldsmobile Fastback to shoot with me in the sunset. As the sun began to fall, I was getting worried we would not make that magic hour, so I was in my car with the motor running waiting for their arrival. When they pulled up in this car (which you could not miss) there was no time for introductions as I waved them to follow me to the parking lot of Cabana Pool Club, which has an awesome view of the city. I was literally racing to set up a 5 foot octa box with a Profoto B1, and a B2 behind them direct flash. Unfortunately I did not have an assistant with me, and the 5 foot octabox was like a parachute in the wind, so naturally I asked the first woman walking with her family to help out and hold the light, I took about 20 quick images and voilà! 

My epic tomb of a parking garage


For the next look I wanted to do, I was going to shoot at the pool table in my buildings party room. When we arrived at the party room there was a huge party in it.... 😐

So thinking on my feet, in my building I also have the most gnarly parking garage in all of Toronto, we went there. The lighting in there can always be interesting, because the ceiling is so low I cannot fit a beauty dish or any modifier above anyone's head, so I simply point the B1 directly at the ceiling and the bounce light is what is seen. 

You can see what I mean by chemistry


It was very easy working with these two! They have an energetic chemistry that cannot be faked, fantastic couple!!