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My name is Brian Hamilton and I am a Digital Artist! Photos, videos, animations… I do them. And this is a documentation of my experiences.


Photoshoot with the Argos Cheerleaders!

Shooting all 27 of the Argos Cheerleaders was quite the task, I needed a studio space big enough to accommodate that many people, as well as to capture one image with all of the girls in it. I had my work cut out for me..

To make things all the more challenging I was going to make it look like they were on a smokey football field, Photoshop magic. Commercial photography at this scale is always daunting organizationally, there are so many components to think about. I was tethered to my 27 inch iMac so we could make our selects as we were shooting. For the individual photos, I used a Profoto D1 with a 22 inch beauty dish, and two Bowens 250 W second heads with strip boxes and grids. 

The group photo was the one image I had to concentrate on the most, (that image was due three days after the shoot) I used a 5 foot Octa box and a Canon 24 mm L 1.4. The most interesting part of Composite photography is visualizing the final product, when what you are looking at raw, looks nothing like the final product. 

This was easily a 12+ hour shoot, but it seemed to go by fast because these girls were so fun and full of life! I love every experience I've had working with these girls, this was certainly my favourite one!!