Brian Hamilton Demo Reel

Jupiterspin Presents - Costa Rica!

Brian Hamilton goes to Costa Rica to help a friend find a job and place to live.

Jupiterspin Presents Las Vegas

Brian Hamilton and model Middy venture out into the wild town of Las Vegas to take images on the various locations there!

YYZ On the Road - Prince Edward County -

Brian Hamilton and Chef Mike Ward take to the road for a delicious trip to Prince Edward County!

Cayo Largo!

Jupiterspin does a Montreal Sugar Shack!

Cisco Working in the smartest Office

Campaign video for Thank You Toronto

Hatley Comercial

Belves Cream Commercial

Huron Promo Video

Building the smartest office

Medcan Promo Video

Home Tech

BMO Ambassadors

GAP Safety Video

Building the Smartest Office

HIP Sales

Wayhome Festival Trailer

Directed, Shot and Edited by Brian Hamilton.

The Dime

A commercial shot by Brian Hamilton for The Dime restaurant in Toronto

Grim City Tattoo Club

Commercial for Grim City Tattoos

Sales Competition Commercial

Commercial for The Hockey Night in Canada Sign

Commercial for Grim City Tattoo Club

Music, Cinematography, and Edit by Brian Hamilton

Some of the gear:
Cinema Camera:
Strobes : +
Stabilizer :
Taking Lens:
Anamorphic Lens :

Hatley Commercial

Nrth Campaign


Mens Suits 2


Trans Men

Doors Open Toronto

10 People // 10 Locations

Music, Cinematography, and Edit by Brian Hamilton

Produced by Tiffany Rose Miles

Some of the gear:
Cinema Camera:
Strobes : +
Stabilizer :
Taking Lens:
Anamorphic Lens :

Krystal Reeve Photoshoot

So fun shooting this cool girl! Ursa Mini 4.6


A Fashion film written and directed my Brian Hamilton

Contessa 2014

Mens Suits

Mens Fashion

YYZ Island shoot

YYZ Promo

Rossa Behind the Scenes

Pereira Blondes

Cover shoot with Caitlin Cronenberg

Cotessa 2015

Disaronno Mixologist Competition

Distillery District Events

The Artist Project

Bar Pasta Opening

Crowe Drake 150



Contessa 2015

Contessa 2014

Crowe Soberman Party 2015

Shooting Josh "Spizoiky"

Some footage from a Photoshoot with photographer Brian Hamilton, shooting Josh 

Jake! A video profile.

A video profile on PM Model Management model Jake.


Toronto Photoshoot with Ashley Drew (Ursa Mini 4.6)

Photoshoot with Actor Eric Hicks

An epic adventure photoshoot in the woods of Rosedale, Toronto.

Wild Things Pool Photoshoot

My first real shoot with the Ursa Mini 4.6, I have so much love for this camera so far, at native ISO 800 it loves the dark... and so do I!!

Bearded Bros

Kori Kameda Photoshoot

Strellson Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Brian Hamilton shoots Jack Greystone for Strellson 

Argos Cheerleaders!!

Brian Hamilton shoots the Argos Cheerleaders